“Do that Good mischief which may make this island thine own forever.”

— The Tempest, V.i

Island Shakespeare is dedicated to presenting the work of William Shakespeare in a way that heightens the senses and illuminates the text. Our approach challenges theatrical convention. It re-imagines the very relationship between performer and audience.

It also radically redefines the connection between patron and company. Support for Island Shakespeare can take many forms, each is critical to the growth of our theatre.

This is not just about money. We are a young company, experimental at our core, therefore the relationships we build determine our future. The level of your commitment, its depth, is yours to discover.

You are reading this. You’ve already given. We want you to become a more integral part of what we are doing. The portals below offer many ways that you can take it to the next level. We can build our relationship in multiple ways as your connection to Island Shakespeare grows. It’s all an essential part of this experiment we’ve begun together.